Transforming 2D Cartoons into Stunning 3D Art with Stylar AI

We'll explore the wonders of Stylar AI, a cutting-edge art generator that can effortlessly turn 2D images or cartoons into captivating 3D masterpieces with just one click. Join me as I demonstrate the simplicity and magic of this new AI tool.

Getting Started with Stylar AI

Begin by visiting Stylar AI and either sign up or log in. The initial 200 free credits provided upon sign-up, emphasizing that the credits regenerate every seven days. The user interface is introduced, highlighting essential features.

Importing Images and Choosing Styles

Use the "image to image" feature and use a wide array of style options for your need, from apocalyptic to floral, tattoo styles, and more.

Crafting the Perfect Prompt

Experiment with prompts or utilize the "auto prompt" feature to let the AI analyze the image. A sample prompt is crafted for your character, adding specificity for accurate results.

Adjusting Structure Match

Match parameter, setting it to 1.0 maximizes the likeness to the input prompt.

Reviewing and Choosing Results

Once the AI generates four results, the narrator reviews them, providing commentary on each. Users are guided on how to select the preferred 3D rendition, either by clicking on the desired result or tweaking the prompt and generating more options.

Fine-Tuning and Placing on Canvas

Users can fine-tune the process by adjusting the prompt or generating more options. The final step involves clicking on the chosen result and placing it on the canvas for further exploration or download.


Stylar AI can effortlessly transform 2D cartoons into stunning 3D art, sparking creativity and exploration in the world of AI-generated visuals.

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