Lucky YouTuber got married so can you!!!

Basically, there's a YouTuber whose channel is named "Never Give Up." About 5 years ago, he posted a video on his channel titled "Being ugly: my experience." In this video, he talked about his insecurities regarding his looks, and this video went viral. Now, many people found him unattractive, but there was a particular girl who was attracted to him. She commented in the video, saying, "Actually, I think you are kind of cute, to be honest."

What happened next, you won't believe. Literally, they started chatting online, then they met in real life, as you can see in the photos below, and eventually, they got married. Literally, they got married, and just a few days ago, he uploaded a video on his channel, "My Wife," where he shared the entire story about how their conversation started and continued, and people are really liking this story. Even on Twitter, people are tweeting about it, saying that if this person can do it, then others can too. It's really a unique story that I personally had never heard about, a love story that started from a YouTube comment.

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