A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Cartoony Trendy Images with Stylar AI (free)

In the world of digital creativity, the fusion of technology and art has reached unprecedented heights. In a recent tutorial, a content creator takes us through the process of turning an ordinary image into a trendy, cartoony masterpiece using the power of artificial intelligence. Let's explore the steps involved and witness the magic unfold.

The journey begins with a visit to the Styler Ai website. The creator quickly signs up using a Google email account and proceeds to create a new project. The user-friendly interface allows for seamless navigation.

  • Step 2: Importing and Describing the Image

The first task is to import the chosen image. With a few clicks, the image is uploaded, and its structure is adjusted. An intriguing step follows as AI is employed to describe the image. The tool generates a precise description, aiding in the subsequent transformation process.

  • Step 3: Choosing the Style

Styler Ai provides a variety of styles to choose from. For the desired cartoony effect, the creator opts for the "innocent cutie" style. Two sliders allow for control over the intensity and structure match to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Step 4: Stylizing the Image

With the parameters set, the magic begins. The tool processes the image, applying the chosen style. While initial attempts may not yield perfect results, the creator emphasizes the importance of trial and error to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Step 5: Exporting the Image

Once satisfied with the stylized image, it's time to export. Styler Ai provides an option to export in high resolution, ensuring the best quality for the final output.

To add a personal touch, the creator introduces REM maker. a, a website for face swapping. The stylized image is uploaded, and the creator's face is swapped onto the cartoon version. The result is a seamless integration of reality and digital art.

  • Step 7: Upscaling for Higher Resolution

To enhance the image resolution, the creator introduces another AI tool called Upscayl. The program efficiently upscales the image, providing a significant improvement in quality.

  • Step 8: Final Touches in Photoshop

The journey concludes with a visit to Photoshop for some final touches. The creator adds atmospheric effects, adjusts color grading, and plays with contrast to elevate the visual appeal.

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