YouTube to Use Generative AI for Enhanced Video Interaction and Comment Management

YouTube is experimenting with generative AI-powered features that enhance the user experience and provide valuable tools for content creators. These features include:

1. Conversational AI Tool: YouTube has introduced a new conversational AI tool that allows users to ask questions about the video they are watching. Users can access this feature by tapping the '✨Ask' button on select videos. For certain educational videos users can get quizzes.

2. AI Summarized Comments: To help creators manage long-form video comments, YouTube is using generative AI to categorize comments into topics.

These AI-powered features are currently available to a limited group of users and require a YouTube Premium membership in the US. The company plans to expand its availability to more YouTube Premium members on Android devices in the coming weeks.

In addition to these features, YouTube is testing a 'play something' button on its mobile app, allowing users to discover random videos when they're unsure what to watch. These innovations reflect YouTube's commitment to enhancing user interaction and content creation on its platform.


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