Vivo OriginOS 4: 5 Best New Features

At the Vivo 2023 developer conference, the highly anticipated OriginOS 4 was unveiled, marking a significant leap in smartphone technology. This innovative update brings a host of new features and improvements that aim to enhance the user experience, connectivity, and productivity in a sleek and intuitive package. In this blog post, we'll explore the exciting features and advancements that OriginOS 4 brings to the world of smartphones.

Visual Comfort and Recognition:

One of the key focuses of OriginOS 4 is to enhance visual comfort without compromising recognition. With over 2,000 redesigned icons, the interface has been revamped to provide a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The collaboration with Founder introduced the customized font, Vivo Sans, which employs innovative design elements like "avoidance design" and "Nakamiya Variable Technology" to ensure clear text presentation across various font sizes.

Real-time Blurring Effects and Contextual Wallpaper:

OriginOS 4 introduces real-time blurring effects that add a real-world sense and clearer layout to the user interface. The dynamic effects create a captivating digital journey that elegantly unfolds with a simple fingertip swipe. This feature adds a new level of depth and sophistication to the user interface, making interactions more immersive and enjoyable.

Screen Customization:

Much like Xiaomi's HyperOS, OriginOS 4 allows users to personalize their device by introducing screen-off and lock screen customization. Users have the flexibility to choose from varied fonts, colors, and layouts, enabling them to express their individuality and make their smartphone experience unique.

Vivo Intelligent Vehicle 4.0:

The integration of Vivo Intelligent Vehicle 4.0 takes smartphone connectivity to a whole new level. This feature supports voice-controlled navigation, music, calls, and interface buttons across over 100 automotive brands and 1,360 car models. Additionally, the parking assistant feature simplifies parking, providing easy navigation to nearby parking lots, simplified payment options, and instant location recognition upon exit. The "Leaving the Parking Lot Navigation Optimization" is a standout feature, offering swift recognition of departure, significantly improving positioning recovery speed, and reducing driver inconvenience in numerous cities and parking lots.

Meeting Assistant and Super Power-Saving Mode:

For office capabilities, OriginOS 4 introduces a meeting assistant with real-time sound-to-text transcription and automatic screenshot insertion into meeting minutes. This fosters easy access to meeting points and saves minutes for future viewing and editing. Moreover, the super power-saving mode ensures extended standby time even at 1% battery, lasting up to 3 hours or a 15-minute call.

Blue Heart Jr. V - Your Personal Assistant:

The pinnacle of this update is the introduction of Vivo's global intelligent assistant, Blue Heart Jr. V. This high-spec personal assistant boasts multiple interaction modes, including voice, text, and drag-and-drop functionalities. It features AI copywriting, mapping, chatting, and a convenient suspension mode, offering an enhanced user experience that puts the power of a personal assistant at your fingertips.


OriginOS 4 represents a significant milestone in smartphone innovation. It focuses on enhancing the user experience, connectivity, and productivity in a sleek and intuitive package. With features like real-time blurring effects, screen customization, intelligent vehicle integration, and a powerful personal assistant, OriginOS 4 is set to redefine the way we interact with our smartphones. The future of smartphone technology looks exciting, and OriginOS 4 is leading the way.

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