Huawei Gains Ground in China's AI Chip Market Amid US Restrictions

Huawei is making significant strides in the AI chip market, capitalizing on recent US restrictions on Nvidia's AI chip sales to China. The company's Ascend AI chip series, including the 910B chipset, is at the forefront of this effort, competing with Nvidia's A100 chip. Huawei's journey into AI chips began in 2018, with the unveiling of the Ascend 910 chip, although the US imposed export controls on the company in 2019. Despite offering formidable computing power, Huawei's AI chip ecosystem, CANN, faces stiff competition from Nvidia's well-established ecosystem. Baidu's order for a large quantity of 910B chips indicates growing interest in Huawei's offerings. China's AI chip market is projected to be worth $7 billion, and Huawei aims to gain a significant foothold in this rapidly growing sector.


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