Exploring Midjourney's New Style Tuner Feature: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're an AI enthusiast or someone who's been following the developments in artificial intelligence, you might be aware of MidJourney, a platform known for its cutting-edge AI technologies. Well, hold on to your seats because MidJourney has just unleashed what could arguably be their most powerful feature to date – the Style Tuner. If you're not familiar with it yet, you're in for a treat. Join us as we dive deep into this exciting new addition to the world of AI creativity.

Unveiling the MidJourney Style Tuner

MidJourney recently introduced version one of their Style Tuner, a feature that puts the power of AI style creation directly in your hands. The Style Tuner allows you to craft your own unique styles for generating images. It's a game-changer that lets you control the personality of the AI Images. You can use these styles for future prompts. It creates style (tone) for an image rather than creating an image. So, how does it work? Let's break it down step by step.

Crafting Your Own Style

1. Use Tune with the Prompt: To get started, you'll need to input your desired style prompt into MidJourney's prompt box. You will have to use "/tune" to add style. You can enter something like "vintage retro futuristic Polaroid" to set the tone for your style.

2. Choose the Number of Style Directions: You have the flexibility to choose the number of style directions you want to create. For instance, you can opt for 16 directions. This allows you to fine-tune your style.

3. Select the Mode: Decide between "Default" mode and "Style Raw." Default mode interprets your prompt more broadly, while Style Raw takes it more literally. Your choice will influence the final output.

4. Confirm the Cost: The creation of these styles costs GPU credits. You'll need to confirm the cost, which can vary depending on your choices.

5. Wait for Generation: MidJourney's AI system will then get to work, generating 32 different style directions based on your input. This might take a couple of minutes. Midjourney will provide you a link.

6. Click on the link: Click on the link provided by Midjourney.

Choosing Your Style

The link will open different styles to select. You can now compare and select the styles of images you prefer from the left or right, you can skip if don't want to select a style. You should aim to choose between 5 and 10 styles from the generated set. This will create a code for the style of the image.

Unlocking the Power of Style Codes

The magic happens when you copy the resulting style code. This code represents the combination of the selected style directions you've chosen. With this code, you can achieve consistent styles in your generated images. It's like having your own secret recipe for creating stunning visuals.

Experimenting with Content Prompts

But the excitement doesn't end there. You can paste your style code along with a new content prompt. For example, if your style code was for a "vintage retro futuristic Polaroid" look is --style 2gmXqzIG4gaX, you can add "Batman" with "no camera" as your content prompt. The system will then generate images of Batman in the style you've defined.


With Style
/imagine batman vintage retro futuristic polaroid --no camera --style 2gmXqzIG4gaX

Without Style
/imagine batman --no camera --style 2gmXqzIG4ga

The Endless Possibilities

With MidJourney's Style Tuner, you can mix and match styles, blend style codes, and explore a multitude of creative combinations. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and the results are nothing short of astounding.

Share Your Styles and Collaborate

What's more, you can share your style codes with others, opening up the doors for collaboration and creative experimentation. Mid Journey's Style Tuner is a game-changer not only for individual users but also for the creative community at large.

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