Customization Features with Samsung's Good Lock App One UI 6 (2023)

When it comes to the Android versus iOS debate, one aspect that Android fans consistently champion is customizability. Android's open nature allows users to personalize their devices to an unprecedented extent, and Samsung's Good Lock app is a shining example of this ethos. Good Lock has always been about pushing the boundaries of customization within Samsung's One UI, and the latest update has brought a plethora of new and exciting features to the table. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the world of Good Lock and explore its fantastic new features that put the power of customization squarely in your hands.

1. Lock Screen Magic with Wonderland:

The new update introduces a delightful feature called Wonderland. This module allows you to transform your lock screen into something out of a sci-fi movie. You can make your lock screen light up like a vintage CRT TV or a futuristic monitor. What's more, you can fine-tune the speed and depth of these effects, giving you complete control over your lock screen's aesthetics.

2. Volume Panel Revamp with Sound Assistant:

The Sound Assistant has received a significant facelift. You can now enjoy a Flex Volume UI that not only looks great with its gradient and lighting effects but is also highly customizable. From choosing different lighting effects to selecting your preferred volume panel texture (bar or knob), and even adjusting its size and shape – the possibilities are virtually endless.

3. Edge Lighting Gets Even Better:

Edge lighting has been a staple of Samsung's One UI for a while, but the latest Good Lock update takes it up a notch. The Edge Lighting Plus module offers a range of custom effects. You can choose from various elements, tweak their colors, and even determine their size. But the real fun comes with the ability to set your own images from the gallery as Edge lighting effects. It's a personal touch that adds a unique charm to your notifications.

4. Improved Gestures with One Hand Operation Plus:

If you're a fan of gesture controls, the One Hand Operation Plus module will be your new best friend. The latest update allows you to set diagonal gestures as quick launchers for recent apps. It's a game-changer in terms of multitasking and makes switching between apps a breeze.

5. Transparency with Nice Catch:

In the world of mobile devices, transparency is crucial. The Nice Catch module lets you track apps that display ads or make sounds upon unlocking your phone. It's a handy feature for staying informed about what's happening on your device.

6. Features of Quick Star:

Button Grid

The Quick Star module focuses on customizing the Quick Settings panel. With the new update, you can adjust the spacing between Quick Settings buttons to accommodate more or fewer options.

Status Bar Swipe Area

Additionally, you can fine-tune the swipe area of the status bar, ensuring that accessing notifications and Quick Settings is effortless.

7. Elevating the S Pen Experience with Pentastic:

For users with Samsung phones that support the S Pen, the Fantastic module offers a delightful upgrade. It allows you to change the S Pen Air Command menu to a more visually appealing rounded list. The new retro and circle looks add a touch of elegance. You can also customize the double-tap gesture, allowing you to perform actions such as creating notes or using Smart Select and Screen Write.

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