UK Establishes the World's First AI Safety Institute Before the Global Summit

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced the establishment of the world's first artificial intelligence safety institute ahead of a global summit convened to address AI technology risks. The institute's purpose is to evaluate and test new AI models comprehensively, encompassing the assessment of risks ranging from social biases and misinformation to more extreme threats. 

The summit, to be held at Bletchley Park, will bring together AI industry representatives, political leaders, and experts to build an international consensus on safe AI development. Sunak aims for the UK to be a global leader in AI safety, positioning itself amid the economic competition of the US, China, and the EU. The discussions will cover topics like the unpredictability of AI advancements and concerns about human control over AI. 

The UK government has published a report on "frontier" AI, which will inform deliberations on potential risks. Notable attendees include US Vice President Kamala Harris and Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, with China and the European Commission also expected to participate. The Group of Seven (G7) economies previously called for the adoption of trustworthy AI standards and established a ministerial forum known as the Hiroshima AI process. Sunak emphasizes the need to address AI's dangers responsibly while harnessing its potential benefits for society.

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