Battle of AI Image Generators: DALL-E 3 vs. MidJourney V5

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, there's a constant race to see which AI model can generate more astonishing and high-quality images. In this exciting showdown, we're pitting two formidable contenders against each other: DALL-E 3 and Mid Journey V5. Both AI image generators have unique capabilities, and we'll be comparing them to determine which one deserves the title of the best AI image generator.

DALL-E 3: 

Known for its ability to produce highly precise images and work seamlessly with text prompts, DALL-E 3 has made waves in the AI community. Even more impressively, it's available for free on Bing Image Creator.

Mid Journey V5: 

This Discord bot offers a suite of creative tools but comes with a minimum monthly price of $10. Mid Journey aims to provide users with impressive visual outputs.

Our objective is to create images in various artistic styles using identical prompts for both generators. Each generator will receive points based on the quality of its outputs. In the end, we'll tally the points to declare the winner.

Round 1: Visual Precision

In this round, both DALL-E 3 and Mid Journey V5 produced visually appealing images. However, DALL-E's outputs demonstrated greater precision. It captured intricate details, which Mid Journey sometimes missed. Additionally, DALL-E's images leaned towards a cartoon style, while Mid Journey aimed for a more photorealistic look. 

The first point goes to DALL-E 3.

Round 2: Artistic Realism

This round focused on the realism of faces in the generated images. While DALL-E's images were visually pleasing, the faces appeared somewhat distorted and unrealistic. In contrast, Mid Journey's outputs could easily be mistaken for real images. It's evident that Mid Journey excels in creating more photorealistic faces. 

Therefore, the second point goes to Mid Journey.

Round 3: Artistic Styles

For this round, we explored the ability of both generators to create images in various artistic styles. The competition was fierce, and both performed admirably. 

In the end, this round results in a tie, with one point going to DALL-E 3 and one to Mid Journey.

Round 4: Pop Art Aesthetics

When challenged to create images with pop art aesthetics, DALL-E 3 proved to be more adept. Its outputs were both visually appealing and precise, aligning better with the pop art style. 

This point goes to DALL-E 3.

Round 5: Pixel Art Challenge

Pixel art can be quite a challenge for AI generators, and the results were interesting. Mid Journey exhibited a tendency to produce images that appeared more cartoonish and mosaic-like. Meanwhile, DALL-E 3's outputs were more in line with pixel art aesthetics. 

This point goes to DALL-E 3.

Round 6: Minimalism

In the realm of logo design and minimalism, both Mid Journey V5 and DALL-E 3 displayed their prowess. They were excellent at generating logos suitable for brands, esports teams, or YouTube channels. 

This round results in a tie, with one point for Mid Journey V5 and one for DALL-E 3.

Round 7: Vintage

When it comes to generating vintage images of faces and photorealistic environments, Mid Journey shines. Its outputs excel in realism, making it a superior choice for these specific visual requirements. 

Therefore, this point goes to Mid Journey V5.

Round 8: Hand Drawn

Here we will look at the hand-drawn images from both AI's. Here the point goes to DALL-E 3 for its natural tone of sketch and overall convincing images.

DALL-3 gets the point.

The Winner: DALL-E 3

The final scorecard stands at 4-6 in favor of DALL-E 3, and this AI model also earns an additional point for its ability to generate readable text on images. It's evident that DALL-E 3, with its precision, ability to work with text, and diverse styles, currently holds an advantage over Mid Journey V5.


In this head-to-head contest, DALL-E 3 emerges as the champion for a diverse array of creative image generation tasks. However, it's worth noting that the landscape of AI is ever-changing. Mid-Journey V5 is on the horizon, and future updates may bring it closer to, or even surpass DALL-E 3's capabilities. 

It is worth noting that DALL-E 3 is available for free on Bing Image Creator and Chat GPT Plus users, while Mid Journey is a Discord bot with a monthly cost of $10. Considering DALL-E 3's broader capabilities and its free accessibility for many users, it currently stands as the preferred choice. However, it's essential to remain updated, as Mid Journey Version 6 is on the horizon, which may introduce new features and capabilities.


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